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In Ghana, our initiatives are designed to empower communities and foster sustainable development. Through the Women’s Scholarship Program, we provide essential support to women pursuing education, equipping them with the tools to succeed and lead change.


Women’s Scholarship Program

Our Women’s Scholarship Program in Ghana is a vital part ofEXPOSE's ongoing commitment to empowering young women. Incollaboration with the 2nd Image International School in Accra,Ghana, this program offers opportunities for ambitious young womento pursue vocational training.

Through our scholarship program, we cover tuition expenses and provide graduates with the essential tools necessary to launch their own independent businesses. Our support extends beyond graduation, with ongoing mentorship and guidance to ensure sustained success for each participant. Our curriculum spans various vocational skills, including fashion and design, hairdressing,nail technology, cosmetology, catering, and massage therapy, equipping participants with the skills needed to excel in their chosen fields.

Each lady has a unique background and story. Their journey is made possible through contributions totaling $2000, covering tuition, essential books, and trade tools such as industrial sewing machines,knitting machines, mannequins, hair dryers, curlers, foot spas, and more. Candidates are selected based on their demonstrated financial need and personal interviews, with many overcoming difficult circumstances such as abuse and neglect.

For these young women, our scholarship represents not only an opportunity but a lifeline toward transformative change in their physical and mental well-being, financial stability, and future employment prospects.

As an organization, EXPOSE relies on ongoing fundraising efforts through events and community support. Your contribution will directly impact the lives of these young women, helping them unlock their full potential and build brighter futures.


Community Outreach


Women’s Seminar

At EXPOSE, our commitment to empowering young women extends beyond financial support. We believe in providing comprehensive mentorship and guidance through our Women's Empowerment Seminar, an integral component of our Women’s Scholarship Program in Ghana.

During the seminar, we create a nurturing environment where participants can openly discuss their aspirations, challenges,and needs. Through interactive sessions and one-on-one
consultations, we offer personalized support to help each young woman identify her goals and develop a roadmap for success.

One of the key features of the seminar is the Needs Assessment Form, where participants have the opportunity to articulate their specific needs and ambitions. This form serves
as a vital tool in our selection process for the Women’s Scholarship Program, enabling us to identify candidates who demonstrate a genuine commitment to their personal and professional growth.

Through the Women's Empowerment Seminar, we aim to foster a sense of community and collaboration among participants, empowering them to support and uplift one another on their journey towards success.


EXPOSE is committed to making a positive impact in communities across the world. Obosomase in Ghana is just one example of a community that is close to our hearts. EXPOSE has initiated sustainable projects aimed at enhancing educational and social and emotional improvements for individuals and families of all age groups.

Scholar Resources: Children at the Obosomase Basic School receive school supplies such as notebooks, writing tools, and backpacks to help boost their academic self-esteem
and participation in classroom activities. Students are always grateful for the basic supplies they receive for their learning experiences. The EXPOSE team seeks support from donors to give new academic supplemental materials, books, school supplies, and funds to help keep children focused on learning and engaged in school.

Menstrual Health Awareness Support: The EXPOSE team recognized the need for menstrual health awareness for young girls at the Obosomase Basic School. The team implemented an effective program to ensure that young girls understand the importance of good hygienic practices, menstrual education, and products to manage their periods with dignity and confidence. Hygiene kits are available and distributed to students in school on an as needed basis. Our team welcomes funds to keep hygiene kits in stock for young  girls throughout the school year and provide menstrual health awareness sessions.

School Renovations and Future Music Program: Music plays a vital role in educational experiences for children and enhances the vibrance of people in Obosomase. EXPOSE team
members understand the importance of early musical experience to help increase brain development, language and motor skills, creativity, and social and emotional well-being for students. We aim to create an energetic learning space for children to explore their passion and talents for music education, musical instruments, and other opportunities to excel in the arts. With plans to renovate an area in the Obosomase Basic School and provide a selection of musical instruments, the team welcomes partnerships with universities, individual and group music artists, and others who would love to contribute to our music curriculum, instrument collection, and artwork and furniture for the renovated space.

These projects exemplify our commitment to empower people and significantly impact the communities we serve. Through our initiatives in Obosomase and beyond, we strive to uplift and support those in need by fostering positive change and opportunities for sustainable growth.

Please join us in our mission to serve others by volunteering, donating, or spreading awareness. Together we can make a greater impact and empower lives in the Obosomase area and other communities worldwide. Contact us today and let’s build brighter futures for others.

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